There’s so much that we take for granted, I’m not talking about the massive things. I’m talking about the things that don’t even register in our minds as a blessing. The roof over our heads. The food in our belly. The education we’re given. The clothes that we wear. Even the internet connection and whatever device used to read these very words right now. We don’t realize that all of this could be unimaginable for someone else.

We think that we have everything we have because we did something to deserve it. But think about this. Imagine if you weren’t born where you were born. Instead you were born into a war zone like so many of the kids in Syria. They’re talented too. They’re smart too. Do you think they’re not making it in life because they’re not trying hard enough? No, that’s bullshit. It’s not all about just trying hard enough and working hard enough. Sometimes you’re just dealt a crappy hand in life. But we were lucky enough to be given all that we have. To be born in a safe place. We need to take a minute to realize that. Make the best of it. The present is a present. 


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