On a cool night, I walked into the backyard hoping to get some alone time to sit on the backyard swing and think about life. To my disappointment I saw my parents were already in my spot. They didn’t see me because they were so immersed in conversation. My dad had his arm around my mum. They both had a cup of tea in their hands. They were talking and laughing. Mum would occasionally throw a ball for our family dog to play fetch. He would come running back and lay down at her feet. Then I realized I was immersed in this moment too. By the sheer beauty of it. It struck me that this is success. This is the kind of success I want. Happiness. To one day, sit in my beautiful house, with the love of my life and a beautiful family and be utterly content. It’s not all about money and wealth. True success is in being happy with the life you make for yourself.


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